Sumo's fine, but watch the non-skid


Two modern warriors practiced the ancient warrior's art aboard the Navy dock landing ship Fort McHenry // MC2 Kristopher Wilson/ Navy

Let it never be said that the Navy — which is a global force for good, after all — didn’t include athletes of all backgrounds and stripes. For example, we give you these gladiators of old, who carry the traditional samurai names of Lt. Stephen Warne and Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class Austen Gant, practicing the ancient art of sumo aboard the dock landing ship Fort McHenry.

It appears, from this photograph, that Warne, in the red sumo thong, is about to deliver some kind of outrageous sumo suplex-combination to poor Gant, and, in keeping with naval tradition, probably throw him over the side. Fortunately for these warriors, however, a traditional dohyō has been lain across the non-skid, which should offer some protection against the abrasive deck.


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