Satan, The Flash among notable 2009 Marine Corps Marathon participants


Marathons bring out all kinds of people.

In the case of the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon, that includes a mix of superheroes, demons and other ghouls, including — you guessed it — Satan.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s visual proof, via Flickr user Bobby Gill:


That’s really a lovely pair of shorts that Satan has on, I think.

Looking for more? How about everyone’s favorite superhero, The Flash?


See that sign? Even superheroes thank their Marines.

Then, there’s this next guy. I have no idea what prompts a person to dress like this in public, but it’s really quite impressive.


OK, help a brother out: Who IS this next guy? Is this a costume of significance and I just don’t get it? Please explain


Were you at the marathon? Take any similarly ridiculous photos? Drop me a line at dlamothe (at)

UPDATE: A reader suggests that our anonymous superhero in photo No. 4 may very well be paying homage to the Space Marines of “Halo” fame. That sounds entirely plausible, and also makes me suspect it’s an actual Marine inside the suit.

Photos used with permission by Bobby Gill. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Who’s the [feces]-bag in the background with his hands in his pockets. God almighty whats this Marine Corps become?

  2. Just throwing this out there…Master Chief…as in Master Chief Petty Officer. Next to 100% sure that’s a navy rank. Don’t take my work on that though, I just read it on one of them enlisted rank structure posters…

  3. So much to say about this article…

    1) The marines in Halo are supposed to be descendents of the USMC. The Space Marines are something else completely, from Games Workshop.

    2) That’s a kilt that guy is wearing. My brother serves in the Royal Marines and is allowed to wear a kilt due to being Scottish. He reckons your dress blues make you look like toy soldiers, so don’t knock kilts til’ you’ve tried them 😉

    3) mas0622 – You’re honestly trying to chew a guy out for having his hands in his pockets on a cold day?

  4. DrB, just for the record it wasn’t that cold. I ran it in shorts and a tshirt. And your brother in the royal marines is probably gay if he wears a dress.

  5. I encountered that devil-costume runner when I ran MCM in 2007. I passed him early in the race and had Van Halen’s “Runnin’ With the Devil” stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

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