Notre Dame coach rips Navy on Veterans Day

Notre Dame associate head coach Corwin Brown addresses the media. (AP photo0

Notre Dame associate head coach Corwin Brown addresses the media. (AP photo)

Look to the left. There sits the world’s sorest loser and the only man with worse PR instincts than Redskins owner Dan Snyder.

Notre Dame associate head coach Corwin Brown decided that he’d spend his Veterans Day calling out Navy football coach Ken Niumatalolo and then complaining about Navy’s “malicious” illegal cut blocks. This, of course, comes four days after the Midshipmen marched into South Bend, Ind., and leveled Notre Dame 23-21 to further embarrass a Fighting Irish coaching staff swiftly putting together their resumes.

I mean this is low and pathetic on all counts. Brown got agitated that Niumatalolo told reporters Saturday that his staff anticipated Notre Dame would not change their defensive scheme, which stymied the Mids’ rushing attack last year.

“I think the one thing that helped us, and I really hope this doesn’t come across wrong, but I think the thing that helped us this year was last year because we knew that they’d line up the same way,” Niumatalolo said Saturday.

And what do you know, the Fighting Irish defense, which Brown helps coach, used those same exact schemes that allowed Navy to take a 14-0 lead into halftime. How sour do you want your grapes Mr. Brown?

“I thought it was very disappointing, what the Navy coach said after the game. He didn’t want something to be misconstrued, but then he said it, regarding how we prepared and what we prepared to do. I’m going to tell you this – we came out in the second half, minus one mess-up, they don’t get anything.”

Of course, Brown doesn’t mention how his defense allowed 194 yards in the first half alone. He was too busy patting defense coordinator Jon Tenuta on the back for coming up with last year’s game plan.

“Whether you think it’s the right thing to say or not, in this profession, with all the classy guys that I’ve watched and played under and studied, they would never say a thing like that,” Brown told reporters Wednesday night. “To say that we didn’t prepare well or we didn’t have a good game plan, that’s crazy. What I think is crazy is a lack of imagination for what they do.”

Actually what Navy did with its “unimaginative attack” was run the ball right down Notre Dame’s throat most of the day. I mean is this guy for real? Does he not realize what it looks like for a coach of a team littered with 4- and 5-star recruits with NFL futures ripping a bunch of college kids who have dedicated themselves to protecting our country? So what does he do next? He calls the Mids cheaters and dirty players, of course. Those poor, poor Notre Dame players. Touchdown Jesus sheds a tear for thee.

“They hit (Notre Dame player Brian Smith) illegally last year and put him out. They hit (Notre Dame player Robert Blanton) on one of the most malicious plays I’ve ever seen since I’ve been playing. And I called [Niumatalolo] about it. And I told him I thought it was very poor. He probably thought I called because we lost; I was going to say something to him before the game but I didn’t. Very malicious. And in this game, which we’re supposed to be playing for our kids, you don’t let your players do something like that.”

Well done coach. You guys couldn’t stop Navy’s unimaginative attack because of their “illegal” chop blocks? Is that right? Since Notre Dame’s defensive lineman outweighed Navy’s offensive lineman by at least 30 pounds that had to be it. Good point.

But wait, we’re not done. Brown wanted to save his best comments for last. He figured he had not yet proven how little he understands what it means to serve or the sacrifices Navy’s players have made to wear the uniform that does not come with shoulder pads.

“Now, coach (Charlie) Weis, and (defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta) do a great job getting us prepare on offense and defense. And I don’t care what foxhole they’re in, I’m jumping in the foxhole with them every time. We had a damn good game plan. And that’s all I got to say.”

Someone needs to deliver this message to Brown and Notre Dame’s coaching staff because I bet Brown isn’t just speaking for himself and I have not yet heard an apology from Weis. To a team where many players will end up joining combat units like the U.S. Navy SEALs fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, foxholes aren’t just a symbol or catchy phrase. That foxhole might save their lives from bullets flying over head.


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