Where does Saints quarterback Drew Brees get motivation? The Marine Corps

Drew Brees learned a little something on a USO visit. //Associated Press Photo

Drew Brees learned a little something on a USO visit. (AP phot0)

The New Orleans Saints take on the New England Patriots tonight in Monday Night Football, which is as good of a reason as any to share the following: Drew Brees loves him some Marines.

At least that appears to be the case, since he not only visited troops overseas with the USO in June, but found motivation in a Marine Corps running cadence.

Jeff Duncan of the Times-Picayune has details:

Brees will address the team with a quick intro, then repeat the team’s 2009 mission statements: “Be special,” “Finish strong” and “Smell greatness.” Then the team will break into a spirited count, alternating numbers — “One! Two!” — with the words “Win!” and “Again!” The count builds to a crescendo, stopping, ironically, at 10, when the Saints start repeating “Again! Again!” clasp hands and break the throbbing huddle.

Brees is notoriously secretive about the chant, a derivative of a Marine Corps running cadence he learned during a USO Tour visit to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. But it’s meaning is clear: Win every game.

If anyone has YouTube video of the Saints’ chant in action, we’d love to share it.


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