How the coaches voted

Air Force Coach Troy Calhoun

Air Force Coach Troy Calhoun

Navy Coach Ken Niumatalolo

Navy Coach Ken Niumatalolo

Rather than select a national champion with a playoff system  like every other collegiate sport, college football’s Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision  depends on computers and rankings to select which teams play for the national championship. It’s an absurd system that is all about money and greed, which President Obama has even spoken out against.

We’re not breaking any new ground there, though. The USA Today Coaches’ Poll rankings are part of the equation the BCS uses to pick the two top teams. Air Force Coach Troy Calhoun and Navy Coach Ken Niumatalolo happen to be two of those voters. In Monday’s paper, USA Today published how each coach voted.

Each coaches’ rankings provide an interesting insight into how each coach sees the college football landscape. Calhoun, for example, was so impressed by the SEC and Tim Tebow’s Florida Gators that he ranked them second over four other unbeaten teams to include the Texas Longhorns.  Niumatalolo wasn’t all that impressed with Texas’ narrow win over Nebraska either ranking TCU ahead of the Longhorns.

Niumatalolo also gave some love to his former employer ranking Georgia Tech, which is coached by former Navy coach Paul Johnston, seventh – three spots higher than their final ranking.

Below the jump is each coach’s ballot.

Troy Calhoun, Air Force

1. Alabama

2. Florida

3. Texas

4. TCU

5. Boise State

6. Cincinnati

7. Oregon

8. Ohio State

9. Georgia Tech

10. Penn State

11. Virginia Tech

12. Iowa

13. LSU

14. Brigham Young

15. Miami (Fla.)

16. Oregon State

17. Stanford

18. Oklahoma State

19. West Virginia

20. Pittsburgh

21. Utah

22. Northwestern

23. Nebraska

24. Wisconsin

25. Houston

Ken Niumatalolo, Navy

1. Alabama

2. TCU

3. Texas

4. Cincinnati

5. Boise State

6. Florida

7. Georgia Tech

8. Ohio State

9. Oregon

10. Iowa

11. Penn State

12. Virginia Tech

13. Pittsburgh

14. LSU

15. Brigham Young

16. Miami (Fla.)

17. Oregon State

18. West Virginia

19. Nebraska

20. Utah

21. Arizona

22. Stanford

23 Oklahoma State

24. Wisconsin

25. Missouri


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  1. Calhoun voted Florida #2? That’s a little controversial. I mean, it wasn’t like they barely lost to Alabama. They got smoked. Coach Niumatalolo, on the other hand, gives TCU some love, which is pretty sweet.

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