So much for blending in


Army's controversial camouflage uniforms, seen here in last year's game, have been replaced by more traditional white and gold (Navy photo)

PHILADELPHIA — Here’s something that could be a good sign for Army: Remember those controversial camouflage uniforms they wore in last year’s match-up against Navy? Observers given to unkind wisecracks said the green-and-brown pattern made the Black Knights’ receivers blend in with the field so much that the quarterback couldn’t see them well enough to complete any passes.

Well, those are gone. This year Army’s players have donned much more traditional gold and white uniforms, which make for a good contrast against Navy’s blue — although the players on both teams are sporting gold helmets.

The story we keep hearing over and over again is that this is the game in which Army has its best chance to beat Navy in years. Will the clothes make the men?


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