Army's upset makes PTI. Almost.


Tonight I was watching the 6:30 rerun of Pardon The Interruption on ESPN2 when I noticed “Army/’Cuse” at the bottom of the rundown. Holy hell, I thought. That’s pretty damn impressive. I mean, the service academies hardly ever make PTI. The Army lacrosse team’s NCAA tourney win over Syracuse must be an even bigger deal than I thought.

Look, they're going to discuss Army's monumental upset of Syracuse.

So the “Jack/Whiff” (don’t ask) and “1st Pitch” segment end, and PTI goes to commercial. I wondered what Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser would say about Army 9-8 overtime victory. Would Kornheiser clown on Syracuse for choking away a 5-1 lead? Would Wilbon salute the toughness of the less-talented Cadets?

Well … no. I guess the fellas ran short on time, because when PTI came back on, “Army/’Cuse” was no longer on the rundown.

What happnened? No love for the Black Knights.

Oh well. The discussion of whether Kobe Bryant was the Greatest Laker Ever was riveting. No way it could have waited until another day.

Go Suns.

Update: A reader has politely informed me that the Army-Syracuse game was mentioned during the “Happy Happy” segment on the original 5:30 broadcast of PTI (see comments below).


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  1. It appeared at the end of the 5:30 PM show during the Happy Happy segment (sometimes this segment is cut when the show is rerun at 6:30 PM.

    Happy Birthday to Jim Nantz.

    Happy Anniversary to David Wells’ perfect game.

    Happy Trails to Syracuse for getting beat in the first round.

  2. Maybe that’s what happened here. Or maybe I’m an idiot and somehow totally missed the Happy Happy segment. I pretty much stopped paying attention once they came back from commercial and the “Army/’Cuse” listing was gone from the rundown.

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