This Army-Syracuse upset is a pretty big deal


I’m no lacrosse expert, but it’s difficult to exaggerate how big Army’s 9-8 overtime victory over two-time defending NCAA champion Syracuse on Sunday was. In the lax world, Syracuse just doesn’t lose first-round NCAA games.

Take a look at what those who know better are saying about Army’s huge upset:

Strange things can (and do) happen in the world of sports, which is why we watch (

Syracuse, N.Y. — That was a bit like watching the salmon eat the bear, wasn’t it? Or, watching the sun rise in the west. Or, watching the trees sprout buds in the fall.

When the stars are misaligned (

If you were rating the weekend by the number of times you looked at the sports news and said, “No way!” it was a truly remarkable weekend. At every turn there was a forehead-slapper. Mariano Rivera, the Old Faithful of baseball relievers, gave up a grand slam, which happens slightly less often than Halley’s Comet. Syracuse, which seems to win every N.C.A.A. title in lacrosse (but actually doesn’t), lost in the first round to Army. Roger Federer, who by tennis law must be referred to in reverent, hushed tones reserved for immortals, whiffed on a ball to lose match point to Rafael Nadal.

Putting Army’s upset into context (or, yep, it’s pretty big) (D1SCOURSE)

It would probably rate as No. 1 if it happened later in the tournament. As it stands, this will have to suffice as lacrosse’s answer to Arizona-Santa Clara, South Carolina-Coppin State, Iowa State-Hampton and, yes, Syracuse-Richmond. The Black Knights were 0-3 against the tournament field, and the Orange had long made a late spring trip to the Carrier Dome an unwinnable situation. But even after Syracuse built a 5-1 lead, Army didn’t wilt.

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday: Army 9, Syracuse 8 2OT (

We are the Yankees. We are Manchester United. We’ve always been good but these days we’re downright great.

It never even occurred to me that we’d lose this weekend. Hell, it never even occurred to me that we wouldn’t be in the Final Four in two weeks.

This last one may be my favorite. Any time a blog post incorporates video of the Hindenburg disaster, it’s quality stuff.

For highlights and more analysis of Army’s win, check out this video from ESPN:



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