Tim Kennedy: Soldier, pro fighter, piano player


Staff Sgt. Tim Kennedy has been through Ranger school, served in war zones and fought cage matches against seasoned MMA brawlers. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a more refined, sensitive side to him.

The Special Forces veteran is also a skilled piano player, something he talked to Military Times reporter Jon Anderson about in a recent interview about his Strikeforce middleweight title fight on Saturday. Kennedy’s mom had him take up the piano as a kid, and he learned to enjoy it. Today he still finds time to play.

Here’s the beginning of Anderson’s story:

The sheet music on Army Staff Sgt. Tim Kennedy’s piano right now is Rachmaninoff’s second concerto. A hard-hitting masterpiece with an emotionally exhausting punch, it’s a long, tough piece to tame, so it’ll be there for a while.

While it may not be the “Rocky” theme, it’s a fitting soundtrack for a man on his way to the fight of his life.

Read the rest of the article here.

Ranger Up has also posted a video of Kennedy showing off his , um, unique piano-playing style. Don’t try this at home.


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