NCIS reports online threat at "Romo's Bitch"


Ensign Steve Crowston, a limited duty officer with Strike Fighter Squadron 136, filed a complaint with the naval inspector general, saying the call sign his squadron chose for him amounted to “workplace harassment.”

The story about a Naval ensign receiving the call sign “Romo’s Bitch” took a violent turn last week. It was hard for Washington Redskins or Philadelphia Eagles fans not to make jokes, but any laughing stopped last week when Ensign Steve Crowston reported receiving an online threat on an unofficial naval aviation blog,

A photo of a near-naked man tied to a “Tree of Woe” with the caption, “Send the Fagmiester back to the Goatlocker. We’ll take care of him/her/it …” was posted on the blog, which has since been taken down. Naval Criminal Investigative Services told Navy Times reporter William McMichael that it is considering opening a full-scale felony investigation.

The name “Fagmeister” was one of many derogatory call signs Crowston’s former unit, Strike Fighter Squadron 136 at Oceana Naval Air Station, Va., considered before settling on “Romo’s Bitch.” Crowston’s favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys, whose quarterback is Tony Romo.

Check out the rest of the story at Navy Times.


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