Day One Results, 2010 Combatives Tournament


Day one at the 2010 Combative Tournament was a grueling 12 hours with about 800 individual bouts. Here is who is heading to the semi-finals today:

Heavyweight Winners:

Aaron Jackson (Joint Base Lewis-McChord)

Lonnie Kincaid (Fort Riley)

Ngozi Collins (2/27 REG)

Matthew Gallagher (Fort Sill)

Heavyweight Consolation Bracket:

Jeremy Myer HBCT 3ID)

Ivan Iotchkolovsky Illinois National Guard)

Ryan McKraken

Benjamin Bradley (Fort Bragg)

Bantamweight Winners:

David Mason (III Corps)

Dylan Pablo (Guam)

Sean Stebbins, (Minnesota National Guard)

Robert Texidor

Bantamweight Consolation Bracket:

Elmer Arguelles, Fort Carson)

Matt Yaure (Fort Riley)

Jimmy WilsoN (Fort Riley)

Toni Vermiglio (4th PsyOps)

Flyweight Winners:

Erik Cabal-Garibay (Minnesota National Guard)

Jesse Thorton (III Corps)

Francisco Mercado (Fort Bragg)

Matthew Shoffer (Joint Base Lewis-McChord)

Flyweight Consolation Bracket:

Matthew Baker (Joint Base Lewis-McChord)

Brett Hayes (Fort Riley)

Eugene Roberts (III Corps)

Scott Eclavea (Guam)

Lightweight Winners:

Donnie Bowen (Fort Campbell)

Brandon Sandefur (Fort Knox)

Joseph Clark (Joint Base Lewis-McChord)

Neil Chitwood (4th BN 413TH)

Lightweight consolation Bracket:

Powell (Fort Leonard Wood)

Cesar Huizas (Fort Carson)

Darren Barnett (III Corps)

Thomas Soto, (Fort Bliss)

Welterweight Winners (try saying that five times fast):

Jason Kwast, (Fort Bragg)

Marquis Daniels (Fort Drum)

Shane Lee (III Corps)

Trey Robbins (Fort Bragg)

Welterweight Consolation Bracket:

Steven Wyatt (3 HBCT 3ID

Adam Therriault (Illinois National Guard)

Anthony Aqoun (Guam)

Middleweight Winners:

Andrew Chappelle, (Fort Sam)

Matthew Kyler, (MCOE)

Aoutneil Magny, (Illinois National Guard)

Jon Anderson (MCOE)

Middleweight Consolation Bracket:

Dennis Jones (Fort Bliss)

Jeffery Duncan, (Fort Campbell)

Travis Anderson, (MCOE)

Anthony Collet, (UASRK)

Cruiserweight Winners:

Jason Norwood (Fort Sill)

Daniel Cook ( USREC)

Samuel Vanderslice (Fort Bragg)

Jacob South, (95th Div.)

Cruiserweight Consolation Bracket:

Cody Lincoln, Minnesota National Guard)

Anthony Hopkins (Fort Riley)

Tony Martin (Fort Lee)

Matthey Jukkala (Minnesota National Guard)

Light Heavyweight Winners:

Patrick Miller (III Corps)

Brandon Wallace (MDW)

Richard Starks (MCOE)

Jason Eggelston (Fort Leonard Wood)

Light Heavyweight Consolation Bracket:

Tony Belasco, (MCOE)

Jesse Thurston

Donald Hamilton (Fort Bliss)

Brian Friedrichs (Minnesota National Guard)

Remember to check out all the fights today on our livestream of the event.


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