Old Spice War yields top 2010 Air Force-Navy Spirit Spot


Navy walked off the football field a loser for the first time in seven years Saturday. This might do little to console the Mids, but the votes were counted over the weekend and Navy’s submission to this year’s Old Spice war came out as this year’s Spirit Spot of the year.

It works on so many levels. Nothing is worse than having witty zingers delivered by a shirtless Mid. It’s just emasculating. Second, it’s timely. Those Old Spice commercials kill After Action every time. And after watching these Mids’ spoof, Old Spice would be wise to try and capitalize on it.

This was by far Navy’s best submission. The second and third place Spirit Spots were filmed by Air Force cadets.

Second place went to the Inception spoof done by the cadets. It had the best production value, but Navy Old Spice beat it out based purely on the digs delivered. Inception just didn’t have enough.

Third placed went to the nature film of a falcon picking up and slamming a baby goat against a rock ledge. Again, kudos to the cadets who found this priceless video and putting together a simple, yet effective Spirit Spot upsetting Mids and PETA supporters everywhere.

Thanks to all the Mids and Cadets who emailed After Action their Spirit Spots. Please pass along your Spirit Spots for the Army-Air Force and Army-Navy games later in the season. We again will post those submitted and pick a winner after the game.


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