Andy Reid: 'Why is the ball boy in the huddle?'


Eagles wide receiver and Air Force Academy alum Chad Hall

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid delivered Air Force Academy alum Chad Hall what seemed like a compliment this week minus the fact he said his wide receiver/running back had the face of a 15-year-old.

“He looks like he’s 15, but he’s a talented kid. You’ve got to get past his face and then he’s well-built for his size, and he’s very intelligent and tough. He gives you a little flexibility in some packages to do some things,” Reid said.

Hall remained on the active roster this week against the Tennessee Titans this week fending off Kelly Washington, who the team brought in last week for a try out. He took four carries against the Titans for 19 yards and caught a pass for five yards.

While Hall is probably going to take some extra ribbing from his teammates in Philadelphia and former teammates from his Air Force days, we have to side with Reid. If you walked past the 5-foot 8-inch Hall, you’d be hard pressed to say decisively that , yes, Hall earns a living playing in the National Football League.


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