West Point football fashionistas can't settle on a uniform


The Army uniform office (errr Nike) continues to do everything it can to give Army football players every advantage on Saturdays. (Army photo)

This is getting ridiculous now. Army will unveil its fifth jersey combination of the year with a ravishing grey top-grey pants-black helmet combo, the Times Herald Record reported. I haven’t seen the jersey yet, but I’m assuming from the colors featured that it’s designed to resemble the uniforms the cadet corps wears.

Last week, the Black Knights wore a digital cammo uniform in their win against VMI. A spectator commented the Army players would have blended in better with the Multi Cam design soldiers are wearing in Afghanistan.

“Don’t they know the field is green. This is not a urban environment. Classic Army decision,” said Sgt. Snuffy.

West Point is not alone in its pursuit of the perfect Saturday outfit. The Air Force unveiled a uniform featuring red helmets and dark blue tops that look a lot like the Air Force’s Thunderbird demonstration team.  No word on if Air Force will wear the same jerseys this weekend.

Junior running back Asher Clark sports the Air Force's newest jersey the Falcons wore in their upset of Navy. (Air Force photo)


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