Babies: 'Go Air Force, Beat Army!'


We have an early leader in the club house for Spirit Spot of the Week. This was done by wildbill2013 and sent to us by Air Force Cadet 3rd Class Matthew Schuetz. Schuetz and Cadet 3rd Class Andrew Spellman filmed the brilliant Inception Spirit Spot for Navy week.

This series of commercials was brilliant, and so is this pro-Air Force spirit spot. There’s something about those talking babies that always crack me up. Army quarterback Trent Steelman, coach Rich Ellerson and kicker Alex Carlton all take heat from these toddlers. The best burn is directed at Carlton:

“I was at Air Force getting my punts blocked, missing field goals. Who dat? Missed field goals? Taken care of Army style. Shank, shank, shank, shank.” It comes off better in the video then the read out.

It’s time to step up Army. You finally have a quality football team after years of being Air Force and Navy’s punching bag. Are you saving all your best material for Navy? Send in those spirit spots to


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