Fat lady sings again for Army


The sixth straight class of cadets will graduate and get commissioned this spring without witnessing a win over Navy. It’s bordering on ridiculous and frankly it’s hurting a proud rivalry.

Army certainly had its chances. Navy quarter back Ricky Dobbs did everything he could to keep Army in the game by committing four turnovers, but led by their defense, Navy again dominated the young Black Knights.

The turning point of the game was Navy safety Wyatt Middleton’s 98-yard fumble return in the second quarter when it looked like Army would drive into the endzone to trail the Midshipmen by only three.

Navy just finished the Black Knights off with a nine minute soul sucking touchdown drive. Clearly worn out, Army’s defense couldn’t get off the field as Navy converted one third down after another.

And just as I’m writing this Army scores on a 45-yard touchdown. It’s going to be too little too late, though, for the Black Knights as Navy just recovered a short kickoff. Don’t know why Army didn’t kick a standard onsides kick as only four minutes remain in the game.


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  1. Bruno Bottcher on

    “Hurting the rivalry” what sour grapes you wouldn’t hear that type of comment if Navy was in Army’s shoes. If anything this should intensify the rivalry.

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