Halftime coaching points


This is what both coaches need to go over with their teams during halftime.

For Army coach Rich Ellerson:

  • Coverage by the secondary must tighten on Navy receivers. They are letting Navy’s wide receivers run free.
  • The offensive line and receivers must maintain the blocks. Too often they are allowing Navy to come off initial contact and make tackles for a loss or no gain.
  • The offense has got to make first downs. Each one of these three-and-outs is wearing down Army’s defense.

For Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo:

  • HOLD the ball. I’m looking at you Ricky Dobbs, who fumbled three times in the first half.
  • Better tackling. Navy had Army’s offense bottled up until they got sloppy on their tackling and allowed Army to convert their 4th down.
  • Maintain your intensity and focus – Army will come out fired up. This game is not over, especially if Dobbs keeps handing Army players the ball.

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