Shake Weight named top Army-Navy Spirit Spot


As Navy safety Wyatt Middleton lifted up the ball and trotted into the endzone following his first half 98-yard fumble recovery, he said he had the Spirit Spot filmed by two West Point professors on his mind. That’s all the After Action team needed to hear.

The Shake Weight is crowned king of Spirit Spots for the 111th edition of the Army-Navy game.

Notice at the end how Army majors Stephen Hamilton and Chris Miller dubbed over Middleton’s voice much like those Coors Light commercials. Apparently Middleton didn’t appreciate the humor. He said he added a little bit of flair to his touchdown trot as revenge.

The West Point professors get extra credit for inspiring Hamilton’s sons to film their own Spirit Spot. But Hamiliton’s boys will have to wait to earn the honor as their father’s ingenious play on the infamous workout “tool” with such exercises as The Commander and The Rear Admiral took home the prize.

Congrats to you both. It’s good to see the responsibility of molding the leaders of tomorrow’s Army is left in such capable hands.


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