Two more Super Bowl beers for troops in Iraq


Army Pfc. Jacob Pforter drinks one of two allotted beers at a dining facility while soldiers watched Super Bowl XLIII at Camp Victory in Baghdad on Feb. 6, 2006. It was an exception to a strict military ban on drinking alcohol in combat zones. (AP photo)

BAGHDAD, Iraq — And we’re not talking about any of that crappy near beer, either. Combat operations might be over, but the two beer allotment for soldiers during the Super Bowl will continue Sunday.

Two soldiers in the Idaho National Guard’s 148th Field Artillery Regiment said soldiers delivered three pallets of beer to the International Zone for soldiers to enjoy during the Super Bowl. They couldn’t confirm which brews the soldiers will have to choose from, but said Bud Light and Miller Light will most likely be included.

The two beer tradition continues a year after Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., proposed allowing troops to drink in the war zone year-round to relive stress. That proposal was quickly dismissed even though other countries allow their soldiers to drink in war zones.


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