Amendment to end Pentagon's NASCAR sponsorship fails in House


Ryan Newman and Dale Earnhardt Jr. can rest easy tonight: Rep. Betty McCollum’s amendment to end Pentagon sponsorships for NASCAR racing teams was voted down today in the House of Representatives by a 148-241 margin.

McCollum had proposed the amendment last week, saying that “[t]axpayer-funded NASCAR race cars are an absurdity at a time when the Republican Tea Party is cutting federal support for homeless veterans, law enforcement officers, and firefighters.”

Three racing teams are currently sponsored in part by the Pentagon — Ryan Newman’s Army car, Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s National Guard car and AJ Allmendinger’s Air Force car.

In a sign of how any political issue can bring out the worst in people, the McCollum amendment was apparently so offensive to one idiot that he/she sent a death threat to the congresswoman. Sigh.


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