UFC fighter visits Iraq, takes on all comers


UFC welterweight Mike Swick is a pretty good sport. Not only did he travel to Iraq and give an MMA seminar to troops at Camp Adder, afterward he took on any  soldiers who wanted to grapple. As you might imagine, it didn’t end well for any of the soldiers. A couple guys got hit with Swick’s triangle, one soldier tapped out via rear-naked choke while another fell victim to a Swick armbar. But win or lose, I can’t imagine a cooler thing for an MMA fan/practitioner stuck in Iraq than to get a chance to actually hone their skills against a UFC star.

According to the video (posted on Swick’s official YouTube channel, which also features other items from his Iraq travels), this is something Swick does after any seminar he gives to troops, so keep practicing your moves and someday you could get your chance.



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