CBS gets unprecedented access to broadcast Navy's Blue-Gold game

Navy Coach Ken Niumatalolo is fired up to have his Mids on national television tonight at 7 p.m. (AP photo)

CBS Sports Network will roll the dice tonight with some interesting quirks to hopefully draw in more viewers to Navy’s Blue-Gold game broadcast at 7 p.m.

Players will wear microphones, coaches will do fourth-quarter interviews and cameras will be present in the locker room.  We’re talking HBO Hard Knocks-level access, although I can imagine it won’t have the same production value.

Wide receiver Doug Furman and cornerback Kwesi Mitchell will wear microphones throughout the game giving viewers a sense of the on-field chatter. Head coach Ken Niumatalolo has also agreed to do a fourth quarter interview.

Navy’s head coach is tickled to have his spring game broadcast on national television. It can only help in recruiting to walk into a high school player’s living room and say the team’s spring games are even getting televised

“I think it’s great exposure for us,” Niumatalolo told the Washington Times. “For a non-BCS team to have your spring game on national television, that’s huge. To me, that says a lot about our program.”

CBS producer Dan Scheer got the idea to take some chances with Navy’s Spring Game after Niumatalolo agreed to wear a microphone during a 2008 game against Temple.

CBS is going to have to add some manufactured intrigue to a game in which Niumatalolo intends to hold out 20 starters, including co-captains Alexander Teich and Jabaree Tuani.


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