Tim Kennedy kicks, bleeds, punches, bleeds and defeats Robbie Lawler


Texas National Guard Staff Sgt. Tim Kennedy won his latest Strikeforce matchup with Robbie Lawler on Saturday in a bloody three-round decision. The Ranger outfought his middleweight opponent, taking him to the canvas numerous times, where he dominated the grappling.

Lawler, known for his powerful striking ability, was able to connect on a few shots but never seemed to rattle Kennedy. One of Lawler’s punches in the second round did open up a nice cut on Kennedy, which poured blood all over the place. Even though his face was a mess for the rest of the fight, Kennedy continued to push the pace and ended up taking a unanimous decision from the judges.

Read a full recap and quotes from Kennedy here.

There was nothing particularly brutal about the fight — outside of the usual brutality of an MMA fight — but those squimish at the sight of blood might not want to watch these videos (which hopefully won’t be taken of YouTube by morning):




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