Nike unveils uniforms for 2011 Army-Navy Game


It looks like the execs at Nike headquarters didn’t take well to Maryland and Under Armor getting so much national exposure for the over-the-top uniforms worn by the Terrapins on Labor Day. On Tuesday, Nike released the uniforms that Army and Navy will be wearing for their annual December matchup  as part of the unveil of the Nike Pro Combat jersey.

Why Nike decided to unveil the uniforms four months before the game is beyond us. Maryland went to the lengths of warming up in one jersey before changing and then taking the field in those garish stunning state flag get-ups. Nike took away all the excitement. For shame.

Don’t worry all you curmudgeons who poo-pooed (we’re looking at you Lebron) the Maryland state flag design on the Terrapin jerseys. Other than an oversized anchor on the Navy helmets, there is nothing too outrageous about either design. In fact, it’s tough to tell much of a difference between the new Army jerseys from the old ones, which is too bad. Can you imagine all the hand wringing if Army steered away from tradition and did something like unveil a camouflage pattern? Oh wait, that already happened with predictable military reactions.

The real standout aspect of the uniform probably won’t be seen by folks who tune in Dec. 10 for their 112th Army-Navy game. The Navy undershirts, featuring a snake representing the 13 colonies along with the script “Don’t Tread on Me” across the chest, is a highlight of the uniform package.

There is one question about the uniforms: Each of the videos promoting the uniforms features players putting their hands together with their gloves to make a symbol — an anchor for Navy and the Army logo for the Cadets. But if a player did this after scoring a touchdown wouldn’t that be a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty?

Let’s hope Army has a few reasons to make such a hand gesture and keeps this year’s game competitive after Navy’s run of dominance.




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