More Air Force-Navy spirit spots: The return of Backshaft Productions


Earlier today we posted Air Force’s first salvos in this week’s spirit spot battle between the Falcons and Navy. Now it’s the midshipmen’s turn.

The venerable Backshaft Productions — makers of last year’s classic Old Spice spirit spot and others — are back. Their first offering is a short, well-produced spoof of a classic scene from Fight Club.


Next up from the Mids is easily the most bizarre spot I’ve seen yet. It features the new, more extreme form of planking known as Batmanning being performed in what appears to be Bancroft Hall. Because apparently, as they say in the video, “planking is for zoomies.”

NOTE: Unfortunately there’s NSFW language at the beginning of this video, so be careful where you watch. And don’t try this at home.


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