The Air Force-Navy spirit spots begin


It’s officially Air Force-Navy week, or Navy-Air Force week. Or whatever. The point is, two teams that really don’t like each other will be playing on Saturday in Annapolis. At stake is the first step in winning the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy, which Air Force currently holds after beating Army and Navy last season. And with Army currently struggling at 1-3, it appears once again that the winner of the Navy-Air Force game will be the early favorite to take the trophy this season.

But before the actual football comes the trash talk. The fans have already begun posting their spirit spots for the game, and we’ll start today with two from Air Force fans.

The first is easily the best, and meanest, I’ve seen so far. Plus, I’m a sucker for parodies of the epic rant from Downfall, and this Go Air Force Sink Navy Hitler Rant does not disappoint:


If mean-spirited trash-talking isn’t your thing,  here’s a far more respectful spirit spot, complimenting both services and highlighting the hardware that makes them part of the most formidable military in the world:


We’ll post some offerings from sea service next.



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