See the service assignments for the Army-Navy game seniors


Saturday’s Army-Navy game comes on the heels of another momentous day for the cadets and midshipmen, one that will affect their future much more than the outcome of a football game.

Seniors at both academies received their service assignments (Navy) or branch assignments (Army) in the few weeks, a moment long anticipated by mids and cadets.  These assignments determine the path that cadets and midshipmen will be put on when the graduate and are commissioned as officers. West Point”s seniors, who will be commissioned as second lieutenants in May, get tapped to go into branches like armor, infantry, field artillery, etc. Navy  seniors, who will be commissioned as either ensigns or Marine Corps second lieutenants, go into a career paths to become surface warfare officers (SWO), submariners, pilots, Marine Corps ground officers, etc.

Here’s the assignments for this year’s senior football players:

Naval Academy service assignments 

Brian Ackerman — Surface Warfare (Nuclear)
Bruce Andrews — Supply Corps
Ryan Basford — Surface Warfare
Thomas Batchelder — Surface Warfare
Brian Blick — Marine Corps Ground
Max Blue — Marine Corps Ground
Alex Boddiford — Surface Warfare
Hal Bowron — Surface Warfare
Brady DeMell — Surface Warfare
Delvin Diggs — Surface Warfare (Nuclear)
Neil Doogan — Marine Corps Ground
Eric Douglass — Surface Warfare
John Dowd — Submarines
Zach Dryden — Surface Warfare
Doug Furman — Navy Pilot
Mason Graham — Marine Corps Ground
Hal Hunter — Intelligence
Caleb King — Naval Flight Officer
Jared Marks  — Marine Corps Ground
John McCauley — Surface Warfare
Kwesi Mitchell — Naval Flight Officer
Gary Myers — Naval Flight Officer
Torri Preston — Marine Corps Ground
Kriss Proctor — Naval Flight Officer
Aaron Santiago — Surface Warfare (Nuclear)
Jarred Shannon — Surface Warfare
Eric Stein — Naval Flight Officer
Mike Stukel — Marine Corps Ground
David Sumrall — Intelligence
Jon Teague — Marine Corps Pilot
Alexander Teich — Special Warfare (SEAL) [Read more about Teich here]
Jabaree Tuani — Surface Warfare
David Wright — Surface Warfare

West Point’s branch assignments:

Joe Bailey — Armor
Austin Barr — Field Artillery
Davyd Brooks — Field Artillery
Alex Carlton — Engineers
Broghan Carnes — Field Artillery
Frank Ceva — Signal Corps
Steven Erzinger — Armor
Daniel Hinkson — Field Artillery
Max Jenkins — Infantry
Josh Jones– Infantry
Robert Kava– Field Artillery
Brad Kelly– Infantry
Chad Littlejohn– Engineers
Mike McDermott — Field Artillery
Jordan Pleasants — Infantry
Bill Prosko — Armor
Andrew Rodriguez — Infantry
Justin Schaaf — Field Artillery
Kolin Walk — Transportation

(Special thanks to Navy’s Scott Strasemeier and Army’s Brian Gunning for providing After Action these lists.)


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