NHL alumni saves Christmas for Army family


Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Jacobson and his family were robbed earlier this month, just weeks before Christmas, reported the local ABC affiliate. Their home was ransacked, with computers, games systems, a TV and all the Christmas gifts gone.

Also gone: The money Jacobson had saved to visit his sons in New York after selling his truck. Jacobson had hoped to see his sons before deploying in less than two months.

“It’s just pure evil,” said Jacobson’s stepdaughter, Tatianna Young.


After hearing the horrible news, Shane Willis, a former Carolina Hurricanes hockey player, decided to take action. Willis and the Canes mascot, Stormy, will visit the Jacobsons on Dec. 22 to deliver holiday presents. Willis also got an assist from members of the Carolina Hurricanes Alumni Association, who helped purchase the gifts.


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