Carrier cla$$ic: 2 tickets to Florida hoops-on-a-flattop event will run at least $1,000

mabus carrier classic

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, right, and Jacksonville, Fla., Mayor Alvin Brown announce the Navy/Marine Corps Classic on June 15. Tickets go on sale Monday. (Navy photo by CMC Sam Shavers)

What would you pay to see college basketball played on an aircraft carrier in Florida?

To see two Division I powerhouse programs work out the kinks in their season-opener? To be part of a sporting event so unique … well, rare … well, different … well, look, it’s becoming a fad and we can’t stop it. At this rate, the UFC will hold a pay-per-view from the well deck of an amphib in six months (Free advice: Brian Stann should headline).

We digress. How much would you pay?

If you answered less than $500 a pop, you’re out of luck, according to multiple reports. Event organizers are selling two-ticket packages to the Navy/Marine Corps Classic, set for Nov. 9 at Naval Station Mayport, Fla., aboard a yet-to-be-named carrier, for a minimum cost of $1,000. The packages include more than the Georgetown-Florida hoops game — fans also get tickets to the Jacksonville Jaguars-Indianapolis Colts NFL game in Jacksonville the night before, as well as other benefits, depending on the package. A portion of the costs goes to buying tickets to the NFL game for military families, according to a Jacksonville city official.

This report lists packages up to $50,000 and includes a number to call, starting Monday, if you’re up for the trip.


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