Service academy sweep: West Point goes 'Gangnam Style'


Words won’t do it justice, so watch the video first:


It’s the third entry in the rare spirit-spot trifecta — three different takes on “Gangnam Style.” The original video has almost 360 million views on YouTube and has inspired countless send-ups, including the one above and the Air Force and Navy versions posted here.

Navy’s video came first — a spirit spot for the Mids’ football game against Virginia Military Institute. Air Force came next, touting the Falcons in their game with Navy this weekend. Army’s entry flashes “Beat Navy” during one of the many, many, many camera effects, so it could be considered a spirit spot for the big season-ending showdown in December.

It also means the academies have combined to produced as many dance numbers set to South Korean viral videos (three) as they have football wins over 12 games (3-9). If that trend doesn’t turn around soon, all three schools could head home before bowl season.

Which would be a shame, because you just know what the halftime show will feature.


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