More Army-Navy spirit spots: Allied forces, Mid rapper, turncoat general?


A few more 2012 Army-Navy spirit spots for your viewing pleasure. Check back tomorrow when After Action makes its pick for best video of the year. Got a favorite? Leave a link in the comments section.

1. Navy goes global.


Pro: The Navy folks at the NATO Role 3 Hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan, found some very animated allies willing to cheer for the Mids in multiple languages.
Con: You get the sense many of them would rather be watching Army-Navy soccer. And they missed it.

2. “Game for the Real Players”


Pro: Great production value, an addictive beat, amazing dance moves, shoutouts to Annapolis leaders and support staff … this one’s got everything.
Con: It’s not everybody’s style of music. Sometimes, you just want to listen to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs sing Sinatra.

3. Speaking of Gen. Martin Dempsey …


Pro: Sure, Dempsey’s cheering for the Mids, but it still raises the general’s YouTube profile, which until now has consisted primarily of Sinatra favorites, holiday tunes, children’s music and more children’s music.
Con: Clearly, it’s a clip taken out of context. If the JCS chair can’t cross service boundaries from time to time, who can?

4. Odiernio weighs in.


Pro: Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno keeps it simple and powerful with a short message, backed by the Army’s future leaders. Also, he’s next to a knight and a mule, which never hurts.
Con: Odierno’s late to the party. His spot went up on YouTube Thursday, while Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Jon Greenert’s spirit spot (fourth on the list) went up Monday.


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