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[youtube][/youtube] Air Force Chief of Staff Norton Schwartz said earlier this season that attending Air Force’s upset over Navy was one of his favorite days as the service’s top officer. Schwartz, an Academy alum and a football fan, can smell the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy and has a special message for Army this week. Kudos to carcoca7 for getting the Air Force four-star involved, but these Geico spoofs are getting old. Get some new material.

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz is still relishing Air Force’s 14-6 victory against Navy. The Air Force chief of staff – a big football fan who follows the Academy and the Washington Redskins – was discussing his military career with a crowd of federal-government employees Wednesday when he broke away to talk sports. “Some days are better than others at this job, but the truth is both Suzie and I are having fun,” he said. “An example: being on the field with [Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm.] Mike Mullen last Saturday at Navy-Air Force game …” Schwartz stopped…

Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz is in Norman, Okla., this afternoon to see if his alma mater can pull its second upset in a row against Oklahoma. The Falcons knocked off BYU last weekend. He is there to celebrate the Air Force’s 63rd birthday. Schwartz is a football fan. On a recent trip with Schwartz to Shaw Air Force Base, S.C., he told me he follows the Falcons throughout the season. He’s also become a bit of a Washington Redskins fan after all the year’s he’s spent in the nation’s capital.