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What was expected is now official — former Navy slotback and accidental marijuana smoker Marcus Curry has left the Naval Academy. Navy Times ace writer Phil Ewing reports that Curry, who was dismissed from the football team a few weeks ago, is already formally out of the Navy and plans to play football at Texas State in the fall. Read the full story on Navy Times.

Wondering how the rest of the Naval Academy community feels about Marcus Curry failing a drug test and being allowed to stay in Annapolis? Check out this week’s print edition of Navy Times, where reporter Phil Ewing examines the reaction by academy alums and midshipmen to the news that the star football player was allowed to remain because he said he did not realize he was smoking marijuana. There’s been widespread discontent with the Curry situation. Some folks associated with the academy said it’s another example of a double standard when it comes to the conduct of star athletes. Ewing…