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[youtube][/youtube] I must say packermatt7’s spoof on Inception is a strong candidate for Air Force-Navy Spirit Spot of the Week. Lets run down its bonafides: 1. It uses a recent movie that most everyone liked. 2. Extensive editing that mixes both Air Force highlights and scenes from the movie. 3. Not too long. The earlier 7 minute Spirit Spot was well done but just too long. Get to the point. 4. Great background music and overall film quality. By this I mean there are no grainy film portions. The Blair Witch Project-affect occasionally has its place, but it’s not needed…

[youtube][/youtube] UPDATE: It appears The Bro and his patriotic bandanna have been captured by Air Force cadets wielding squirt guns in the dark of night. One must wonder if those squirt guns were filled with Smirnoff Ice and if these fine cadets understand the joys of icing one of your bros. Probably not.

[youtube][/youtube] This has to be the longest Spirit Spot I have seen yet, but it’s worth the 7:16. What’s clear from this video is that these Midshipmen have A) a ridiculously tight pair of tan shorts B) plenty of free time C) an unhealthy love for Smirnoff Ice. They also have guts. Plenty of this Spirit Spot was filmed in broad daylight in the gym and outside the Terrazzo on the Air Force Academy’s campus.

[youtube][/youtube] Now that’s more like it Air Force. Kudos cadets for doing the research and finding film of a falcon picking up a baby goat and slamming its head against a rock ledge. It’s certainly not going to have PETA cheering on the Falcons come Saturday, but After Action applauds the research. Remember, keep sending these Spirit Spots to

[youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] The nod has to go to Navy in the Old Spice War of 2010. Right from the start we know this cadet is not willing to commit. The Midshipman went for accuracy and he went shirtless. Second, what puts the Mids’ Spirit Spot over the top is the one liners. These are brilliant: “Don’t you wish your cadet could be more like me. Unfortunately it is too late for him, but at least he knows how to dance to Ke$ha. I’m on a goat.”

[youtube][/youtube] Come on, Air Force, don’t let Navy own you on the Spirit Spot front. They are two for two so far. First they jump all over the Old Spice commercial. Next, they come strong with Taio Cruz’s hit “Dynamite.” However, I gotta admit I’m not real sure how intimidating the Navy male dance team really is. Send in those Spirit Spots and they will be posted. Send them to At the end of the week we will a have a vote and the winner will earn the illustrious distinction of the After Action Navy-Air Force Spirit Spot of…