Coach K bobblehead auction update

This has to be worth more than $80. (Army photo)

This has to be worth more than $70. (Army photo)

There are five days and two hours left in the Mike Krzyzewski bobblehead auction.

So far there’s only three bids. Three bids?!? I’m guessing people don’t know about this auction, because surely there’s a lot of folks out there must want  this collector’s item. Maybe a Duke fan, maybe a retired general, maybe Bobby “The General” Knight — somebody has to be willing to fork over some serious dough for this beauty.

But as of 10 a.m. this morning, COLONELBOB is on track to get this baby for $70. Seventy bucks!

I found a Coach K bobblehead on eBay going for $140.  He’s wearing a suit and smiling with his arms crossed. Bor-ing. The bobblehead has a youthful Krzyzewski wearing his West Point uniform and dribbling a basketball. His shorts are frighteningly short, and his hair is perfect.  THIS is a collector’s item. I’d make a bid myself, but the $80 minimum is roughly my weekly salary, so no can do.


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