Sold! The Krzyzewski bobblehead went for …

This masterpiece is headed to a new home. (Army photo)

This masterpiece is headed to a new home. (Army photo)

… $125.

A high roller named ZIPPY put in the winning bid for the awesome Mike Krzyzewski bobblehead previously advertised on’s auction Web site. The auction ended at 12:15 p.m. ET today, and according to the site, only three bids were made. But that doesn’t make sense. On Friday, three bids had been made, somebody named COLONELBOB had put in the highest bid at $70.

Anyway, the most exciting auction in After Action history is now complete, and I’d love to hear from all involved. If the person who bought the Coach K bobblehead reads this, please send me an e-mail describing the joy you felt upon winning the bobblehead, the excitement in your heart as you opened the package after it was delivered, and maybe some pictures of yourself with the brilliant little fella. If COLONELBOB or any other bidders are out there, let me know me the pain you felt upon being 0utbid for this David in Short Shorts.


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