He's a Savage all right

Kris McCray served in the Army Reserve from 2001-2009.

Kris McCray served in the Army Reserve from 2001-2009.

Former Army reservist Kris “Savage” McCray lived up to his nickname last night on the season premiere of “The Ultimate Fighter: Team Liddell vs. Team Ortiz.” McCray dispatched Cleburn Walker just 14 seconds into their elimination fight. The win secures McCray a permanent spot on this year’s cast of middleweight vying for a UFC contract.

McCray, who comes into the show 5-0 as a pro (with all of his wins coming in the first round), came out punching and kicking, and quickly performed a well-executed — and very violent — throw. Walker hurt his shoulder while landing, and tapped out moments later just as McCray moved into the mount position to begin striking.

It was easily one of the most impressive, and fastest, wins of the night. Almost as impressive as the win was the running flip  off the side of the Octagon that McCray pulled off afterward. And almost as impressive as the flip was the number of times that McCray managed to call himself “Savage” during his limited time on camera. He does not lack intensity, personality or swagger.

Former sailor doesn’t make cut

The TUF people didn’t show all of the elimination fights in their entirety, including former sailor Woody Weatherby’s bout. The onetime petty officer was TKO’d by Nick Ring, and thus won’t be part of the show this season.

To see the UFC’s recap of the show, click here (McCray’s takedown is at the 10:10 mark).


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