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Former Army reservist Kris McCray, a member of this season’s cast of “The Ultimate Fighter,” graces the back cover of this week’s Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times.

Staff writer Jon Anderson does a Q&A with the middleweight, who is 5-0 as a pro and a member of Team Ortiz on the show. McCray talks about what its like growing up as a military brat, his first real fight, how he got the nickname “Savage” and what its like being on a reality TV show.

McCray hasn’t fought since the first TUF episode of the season, when he destroyed a guy in about 15 seconds to earn a permanent spot on the show. But he’s already established himself as one of the more interesting characters. He put together the show’s first prank (airhorns at 3 a.m.) and has had some of the best quotes (“He fights like they’re holding his family hostage,” and “3 in the morning man-on-man massage is weird”).

Hopefully this week McCray will be picked for a fight. His coach on the show, former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz, has control of picking the fights for the first time this season. It’s likely Ortiz will be going with McCray or Nick Ring to give the team its second win of the season. Besides being two of the six cast members yet to fight, Ring and McCray are highly regarded fighters and the best candidates to give Team Ortiz another victory.

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