MMA fighter's Marine background not everything it was said to be

Ken Alexander (Photo provided by Pure Combat)

Ken Alexander (Photo provided by Pure Combat)

Camp Pendleton hosted a free mixed martial arts show Friday night. The card included a number of former Marines, including Kenneth Alexander, who lost his fight by techinical knockout in the second round.

Turns out the loss may be the least of his problems right now.

A Marine Corps Times reader disputed published reports that said Alexander was a sniper, that he had deployed twice to Iraq and Afghanistan, and that he had served with the Special Forces. So Marine Corps Times spoke to the fighter earlier this week, and Alexander acknowledged that none of that was true, that he’d only deployed to Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan, and that he wasn’t a sniper. Alexander essentially blamed the media for misrepresenting his past. But a new video indicates that Alexander may have a little more explaining to do.

See the full story over at the Battle Rattle blog.


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