Navy quarterback honored on the floor of Congress


In 2009, Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs broke Tim Tebow’s record for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a season. In 2010, it appears Dobbs may top Tebow when it comes to gushing, over-the-top praise for a college football player.

Rep. David Scott took to the floor of Congress last week to recognize Dobbs’ “extraordinary story.” In his nearly six-minute tribute to Dobbs — who is from Douglasville, Ga., part of Scott’s 13th Congressional district — Scott praises the quarterback for his academic and athletic success. Dobbs’ record-breaking 2009 season, low interception percentage, and Texas Bowl MVP are mentioned, and towards the end of the speech, Scott invokes the words of Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius and Jesus Christ to define Dobbs’ “excellence.”


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  1. Wow……..
    So this is the guy who worried about Guam capsizing, now preaching about Dobbs. Yup, we really have our priorities straight in the Navy.

    Wonder if he would have gotten up for Roger Stauback too or if he would be disqualified for not being diverse enough

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