Move over, Maverick, 'Romo's Bitch' has lost that loving feeling

Ensign Steve Crowston didn't take too kindly to the call sign, "Romo's Bitch," his fellow pilots bestowed on him. Navy Times photo.

Ensign Steve Crowston didn't take too kindly to the call sign "Romo's Bitch," which was bestowed upon him. (Navy Times photo).

UPDATED: Crowston is not a pilot. After Action regrets the error. The copy in this post has been changed to reflect that.

Not everyone ends up with a sexy Hollywood call sign like Maverick or Goose. Ensign Steve “Romo’s Bitch” Crowston is one of those Navy officers.

Sailors in Strike Fighter Squadron 136 first suggested “Fagmeister” and “Gay Boy” as potential call signs for Crowston, who was clearly not well-liked within the squadron. Worried those call signs might be too offensive (you think?) they settled on “Romo’s Bitch,” referring to Tony Romo, the quarterback of Crowston’s favorite NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys.

“I was like, wait a minute? What the hell? You think I’m gay? What a way to tell me that,” Crowston said of his reaction after his call sign was announced before the entire squadron last year.

Navy Times staff writer Andrew Tilghman stumbled across this fodder for Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles fan’s message boards after Crowston complained about the name to the Naval Inspector General’s office calling it “workplace harassment.”

Read the entire story by Tilghman where he breaks down other memorable call signs such as Lt. Chuck “Dingle” Berry and Lt. Tom “Butts” Tench here.


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