Navy coach not penalized for halftime encounter with ref


I’m a bit surprised more hasn’t been made about Navy Coach Ken Niumatalolo’s encounter with a ref at halftime during Monday’s game with Maryland. Navy’s coach was visibly upset after the clock ran out before he could get his field goal team on the field. It appears from the video above that Niumatalolo angrily bumps his hat against the ref’s forehead, gritting his teeth with a crazed look in his eyes.

Navy was not penalized for the encounter when the second half started. It’s surprising, though, there have been no reports that any NCAA governing body is reviewing the tape for future disciplinary actions.

If one of Niumatalolo’s players would have done the same thing on the field, the player probably would have received a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty and ejected from the game. The fact that it happened in the tunnel doesn’t excuse the action.

Navy went on to lose  17-14 after a heartbreaking 4th and 1 stop by the Terrapins at the goal line.


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  1. The Navy coach’s behavior was an embarrassing representation of the leadership at Navy. As a Navy veteran and a parent of a current midshipman I think he should be disciplined by the school, forced to make a public apology and he should be fined by the NCAA. He should have been thrown out of the game. His behavior was NOT honorable.

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