Air Force Academy's Inception spoof


I must say packermatt7’s spoof on Inception is a strong candidate for Air Force-Navy Spirit Spot of the Week. Lets run down its bonafides:

1. It uses a recent movie that most everyone liked.

2. Extensive editing that mixes both Air Force highlights and scenes from the movie.

3. Not too long. The earlier 7 minute Spirit Spot was well done but just too long. Get to the point.

4. Great background music and overall film quality. By this I mean there are no grainy film portions. The Blair Witch Project-affect occasionally has its place, but it’s not needed in this one.

Well done packermatt7.


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  2. I don’t understand how we did everything according to instruction and did not copyright infringement, yet everything posted seem’s to have used some form of copyright usage… no way to win is there???

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