Anderson vs. Chappelle: The upset of the 2010 Combatives Tournament


We’re way late posting this, but I know some folks out there were looking for video of the fight between Sgt. Andrew Chappelle and Capt. Jon Anderson at the 2010 U.S. Army Combatives Tournament. This match produced the biggest upset of the weekend, with Anderson overwhelming Chappelle — a veteran of 16 professional fights dating back to 2002 — in the second round to earn the TKO victory.

Anderson had won his post’s cruiserweight championship earlier this year at the MCoE Modern Army Combatives Tournament at Fort Benning.

Watch and enjoy:

[brightcove video=”629233978001″ /]


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  1. Michael Robinson on

    Can’t believe Andy lost. He looked like he was outclassing the other guy completely at first, and then in the second round he just fell off real badly. Don’t know if he gassed, the other guy hurt him with a body punch, or what. Huge upset. Even if I had somehow beat Pedro Lacerda last year, it would be nothing compared to this one.

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