Tony the Tiger dimes out The Leprechaun


The Mids at BackShaft Productions have decided not to limit their talents to the inter-service rivalries. Winners of the Old Spice War that brought with it the honor of holding the title of best 2010 Air Force-Navy Spirit Spot, Backshaft is now offeing up a window into the interrogation with Notre Dame’s Leprechaun. Too bad the interrogation didn’t go down during the Rumsfeld years.

Who knew that Captain Crunch supports the “Global Force for Good”? And I didn’t realize that one rainbow, let alone two, had every crested over the New Jersey swamps of East Rutherford. It’s a good thing BackShaft chose to wait till Charlie Weis coached his way out of South Bend before conjuring up characters from his favorite sugary cereals.

Anyone else with Spirit Spots for Navy-Notre Dame please send them to


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