Army-Navy week is upon us


Good morning and welcome to Army-Navy week. We’ll get to all the bowl match ups later this morning, but we figured what better way to kick off the week than three Spirit Spots sent from Mids last night.

Lets start with a Geico commercial spoof done by the Mids of Backshaft Productions. And I hate to call out anyone for their submissions, but come on Backshaft. You guys are better than this. The Old Spice Spirit Spot. Brilliant. And perfectly executed. You just embarrassed the Zoomies on their week attempt to spoof the deodorant ad. This? Not so much.

First, the original wasn’t too funny so you’re starting from behind. Then calling out West Point when it comes to combat is a fight I don’t think the Mids should pick here. Just stop with the Geico spoofs. They’re just not funny. Come strong Backshaft. You guys are capable of much better.


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