Shake Weight video creator’s sons hunt Midshipmen


This is what the Army-Navy game is all about. Two sons looking up to their father, a professor at West Point, for a Spirit Spot he filmed using everyone’s favorite piece of workout gear, the Shake Weight.

Maj. Stephen Hamilton, West Point class of ’98, filmed the Shake Weight spoof with his office mate Maj. Chris Miller, West Point class of ’99. The video is making the rounds on message boards and mass e-mails across the Army, and as of Friday morning, it has had over 16,000 views on YouTube. Hamilton’s sons, Jason and Aaron, are die-hard Army football fans. We’re talking about kids who walk up to a 3-star Air Force general and yell “Zap the Zoomies,” their mother Danielle Hamilton reports to After Action.

Jason and Aaron have seen how popular their father’s Spirit Spot has become and wanted to film one of their own, said Mrs. Hamilton. Army has yet to beat Navy in their lifetimes, yet Jason and Aaron have kept the faith and continue to cheer on Army while hunting Midshipmen with a marshmallow crossbow they won in a Cub Scout popcorn fundraiser.

Mrs. Hamilton confirmed to After Action that no children were injured in the filming of this Spirit Spot.


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