Jefferson's arm leads Air Force to Independence Bowl win


Unfortunately After Action doesn’t have the travel budget to fly our faithful correspondents to each of the service academy’s bowl games. Thus, I’ll let the journalists who were in attendance provide the game stories. Click here, here or here for a wrap up of Air Force’s 14-7 win last night over Georgia Tech in the Independence Bowl.

Like most of you, though, I was glued to my TV despite the protests from my fiance who doesn’t understand how there can be so many bowl games. Anyways, here are some thoughts on the game.

— Air Force quarterback Tim Jefferson looked great last night. With the junior returning next year and Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs graduating, Air Force has to enter the 2011 season as the favorite to retain the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy.

— Welcome back Jared. Senior fullback Jared Tew had been sidelined since October with a broken leg, but came back for his last college game and earned Independence Bowl MVP honors after rushing for 54 yards and the game-winning touchdown. Most importantly he kept Georgia Tech’s linebackers honest, forcing them to respect the fullback dive before sprinting to the sidelines to cut off Jefferson’s sprint out.

— Stop it Nike and Under Armour. Enough with the jerseys that have Service, Freedom, Honor and all that jazz written on the back. It’s just tacky. Let these players’ service speak for itself. There’s no need to bang everyone over the head with it.

— Anyone see a falcon fly by? That’s right, the Air Force falcon that traveled down to Shreveport for the bowl game got loose and was missing for two hours before he was found with the use of a tracking device in a parking garage, according to David Ramsey of the Colorado Springs Gazette. Phew.

— Georgia Tech goat: Daniel McKayhan. The wide receiver, who replaced the starting punt returner due to injury, fumbled two punts helping Air Force overcome a sluggish offensive start to win the game.

— How bout that arm? Jefferson, a triple option quarterback, completed 11 passes for 117 yards. Might this be a preview of things to come next year.

— Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson lost his winning touch against Air Force. The Falcons win Monday snapped a five-game winning streak against Air Force for Johnson when he coached at Navy. Former Navy offensive lineman Patrick Hoffman, who also happens to be my uncle, wrote an e-mail to me this morning saying: “How ’bout Air Farce Beating [Paul Johnson]? PJ should have never left Navy, he could always beat AF w/ the right team.” Don’t worry Zoomies, I made sure to point out to him who won the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy this year.


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