Stann and Marine sergeant to open MMA gym


Former Marine Brian Stann kicks Chris Leben during their UFC middleweight mixed martial arts match Jan. 1. Stann won by first round TKO. (AP photo)

Our friends over at Battle Rattle, the pre-eminent Marine Corps blog, tell us that Marine Sgt. George “Loaded” Lockhart is teaming up with former Marine and rising UFC star Brian Stann to open an MMA gym.

Stann has earned a name for himself in the UFC after upsetting Chris Leben in his New Year’s Day fight at UFC 125. Lockhart, meanwhile, is himself a rising MMA fighter who is also known for his ability to help fighters drop weight leading up to fights.

The two plan to co-manage the gym outside Atlanta after Lockhart gets out of the Corps in July. Read the rest of the write up at Battle Rattle.


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