Former Navy FB Kyle Eckel manages to get back in the news


Kyle Eckel didn’t play a down in the NFL this past season, but he’s managing to make news around the league lately, thanks to a Facebook posting about his onetime team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

The former Naval Academy star apparently posted last Sunday or Monday that he’d heard a rumor that Jon Gruden would be replacing Andy Reid as coach of the Eagles. As things occasionally do on the Internet, the hard-to-believe rumor managed to go viral on the Web and was picked up by various media outlets.

The Gruden/Reid rumor turned out to be completely false, of course. ESPN and others shot it down, and the Eagles themselves even released a statement calling it a load of bunk.

Eckel, who graduated from the academy in 2005 and won a Super Bowl ring last year with the New Orleans Saints, went on the radio in Philly earlier this week and said he was just having fun, and that he never expected his post to trigger such a media storm.


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  1. good god this rag is pathetic. phil, do feel hollow inside about what your life has become? i bet you aspired to be a real journalist once upon a time. and now you’re the military’s equivalent of perez hilton. it’s ok – i know there are plenty of people out there that also cry themselves to sleep at night

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